Destiny Swim Camp International, Inc.

Destiny Camp International, Inc. is a camp for people who can’t swim and are afraid of the water. We begin teaching kids at 6months with our infant/mommy/daddy class. We teach children and adults of all ages. We don’t only teach swimming lessons, but we also teach poolside safety. We are a Red Cross certified water safety swim camp, and if you plan on being a lifeguard, then you should give us a call. At the beginning of the classes, we show different videos about swimming safety and also about swimming techniques.

Destiny Camp International, Inc. is a growing aquatic program. We are Red Cross Certified in CPR, Lifeguarding Instruction, and Water Safety Instructor for the Learn To Swim Program. Destiny Camp began doing teaching swimming instructions after Hurricane Katrina. Many people lost there lives during this disaster because of fear of the water and the inability to respond to the dangers of high waters. Statistics show that African Americans and Hispanics have a high rate of drownings than other nationalities. DCI is dedicated to training today’s culture in water safety and all levels of swimming experience.

Jennifer Simms, Founder of Destiny Camp International, Inc., has a passion for the children and youth of the 21 st Century generation. Swimming provides great disciplines and respect for our water environment.

The program provides parent-child training, children and adult swimming instruction, CPR, Lifeguarding, and a Junior Lifeguarding Program. We are an authorized provider for the American Red Cross.

Our Mission

Destiny Camp International, Inc.’s mission is to promote swimming through sport, lifelong enjoyment, and good health benefits. Our objective is for each member of and each participant in Destiny Camp International, Inc. to improve his or her swimming performances, health, and self-esteem through our educational programs, services, and creativity. We strive to help each member of Destiny Camp International, Inc. overcome challenges and reach his or her individual life goals. We provide a unique, exciting, fun-filled experience for your camp participants and so convey to each member the feeling that he/she is a unique and valuable human being. We emphasize the positive contributions of everyone through spiritual growth. Each camper is a winner if he/she does their best with the abilities that they have. At DCI, children and adults alike, receive unconditional love and acceptance while having a fun-filled summer camp experience and make new friends and begin life-long relationships. DCI’s future goals are to develop a winning swim team and provide members with tennis lessons, Pilates, and pool workout routines while encouraging personal growth.

Certifications and Accomplishments

Our Staff is Red Cross Certified in Lifeguarding, Junior Lifeguarding and Water Safety Instruction.

Destiny Camp International, Inc. founder, Jennifer Simms Vincent is certified as a Red Cross Instructor in lifeguarding, water safety, Learn to Swim, CPR/AED/First Aid. The American Heart Association also certifies Jennifer as a CPR instructor. She is certified in pastoral family counseling and a notary public for Lafayette Parish. Jennifer is a qualified human resources professional of 33 years, paralegal, and graduate of the University of Southwestern Louisiana and Christian Life School of Theology. She was a 2012 recipient of the Mayor’s Commission for the Needs of Women for the Lafayette community for outstanding servanthood in the aquatics arena.

Secretary of State Certificate – Click to enlarge.